December 4, 2017

Global warming is resulting now the presence of greenhouse gases within the earth’s atmosphere. These gases are responsible for trapping the environmental heat, which, in turn, makes the earth to be warmer. This phenomenon is most of the time referred to as the greenhouse effect. As per a survey done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the carbon dioxide (CO2) has increased in the atmosphere by almost 40% since the pre-industrial times. The current level is higher than it has been in the past 800,000 years. This is why a lot of people in Philippines are opting for window tint. Window tint is applied to the glass to provide solar protection and increase the energy efficiency by helping to reject the heat in the summer as well as retain the heat in the winter. This further helps in reducing the greenhouse gases in the following ways:

  1.  Less natural gas and electricity are used for cooling and heating
  2. Fossil fuel burning is reduced
  3.  Less amount of carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere

The best way to manage the entire unwanted solar heat gain that might enter your home in Philippines is by blocking it before it gets in. This solar heat can also wear off the flooring and furniture at a faster rate, which makes it even more important to get window tinting done.

One of the most effective ways for making your home and your office more energy efficient is by installing window tint films. This can reduce the amount of heat loss on the days that are cold as well as heat gain on the days that are hot.

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