V Kool Philippines Keep Glass & Interior of Your Vehicle Safe.

May 1, 2018


In recent times, window tints are gaining popularity for their versatile utilisation. They have made their impact on the residential and commercial space for providing benefits such as blocking harmful UV rays, preventing a break- in, cooling the interior temperature and protection in severe weather conditions. But, they are not limited to home or office building  rather they are making it into the automotive space.

Automotive Window Tinting:

With the advancement in the field of technology and engineering, window tints and solar are becoming an essential part of the automobile industry. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your automobile v kool Philippines can offer you brilliant options to choose from.

The Automotive Window Tinting will enhance the looks and make your vehicle more stylish.  And, at the same time, solar films will give all the benefits such as protecting you against the damaging effects of UV radiations.  There are different patterns, designs, shades you can choose from various options in the market.

Here is the  major importance of the Automotive Window Tinting, which is making it popular these days:

Keeping Your Car Comfortable and Cool

The ability of window tinting to reduce the temperature of the vehicle is another point in the list, which is very pertinent in the regions like the Philippines. The heat inside the car can be reduced up to 60% with the perfect window tint.

The system of window tinting can resolve the battle of the right air conditioning for all the travellers. Window film can obstruct from 35% to 65% of the solar heat, which gets built up in the car. This is dependent upon the grade. You can stabilise the climate and luxury for everyone and depend on your air conditioning.

Protecting Your Car’s Interior: Like a sunscreen protects the body from dangerous UV rays, in the similar manner car window tint would provide safety to the interior and upholstery of the car. Tint helps in keeping the interiors of the car from getting hot which protect the colour of your car from getting  fade, warp or crack. It also helps in blocking up to 90% of the UV rays.

Better Passengers Privacy: You don’t have to worry about leaving your car with valuables inside as the tinted windows will allow you full personal privacy. A wide range of shading options is  provided by the v kool Philippines. These choices will provide privacy for you and your passengers.

Improved Security: The good quality automotive tint will increase the security of the vehicle as the glass won’t shatter with an external impact. And, make it difficult for thieves and burglars to get into the car.

Certainly, these reasons make the automotive car tinting essential. Further, with the high-quality tints offered by V Kool Philippines, it helps in keeping your glass and interior of the vehicle safe.

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