Car Window Tinting for Safety and Enhancing Energy Efficiency

May 23, 2016

Investing in high-quality window tinting is a part of proper car maintenance. Not only can your car window tinting improve the safety of your vehicle—it can enhance energy efficiency and improve gas mileage, too. Reputable window tint manufacturers and retailers carry specially designed automotive tints you can use for a more comfortable driving experience. Working with them ensures a high-quality and efficient window tint that is cost-effective and suitable for your individual requirements.

Nano-ceramic clear films are among the best car window tints there is. Also known as metalized films, nano films offer both reflect and absorb solar energy, thus preventing too much light and heat from the sun from passing through the glass. Clearsky is one of the preferred brands in nano-tech car window films. It rejects up to 96 percent of heat without affecting visibility and clarity. It prevents infrared rays from going through windows, too. The nano ceramic construction ensures long-lasting car window tints with a sophisticated look. Nano-ceramic tints are signal friendly and will not block radio signals and GPS. They reduce hazardous glare and block 99 percent of harmful UV light. CST scratch-resistant hardcoat increases the longevity and durability of the tint.

Protective car window tints allow up to 80 percent of visible light to go through the glass, while serving as an invisible sacrificial layer to protect glass from scratches, tagging, and acid etchings. Likewise, it protects the glass surface from wear and tear. It can be applied with a thick nano-adhesive to further enhance the safety and to keep the glass together in case it breaks due to severe weather or break-ins. High-quality car window tints have built-in safety features that can block up to 75 percent of infrared heat and 99 percent of UV rays.

Be sure to explore the different types of car window tinting available from reputable companies that specializes in providing and installing window films in the Philippines. That way, you can learn more about which brand or type of tint is best for your vehicle.

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