What is the Best Window Film Design for your Office?

January 5, 2022

Big plate glass windows are common in commercial building designs to give the impression of openness. However, the same quality that makes these spaces appealing to rent or own also has significant drawbacks.

Sunlight causes glare on computer screens and, as it rises and sets, can harm the eyes, among other issues. As a result, an increasing number of business owners are installing window films in their offices.

The following coatings can help protect windows from glare, vandalism, and damaging UV radiation while improving their appearance.

  • Privacy and Frosted Film
  • Custom & Decorative Film
  • Safety and Security Film
  • Solar Film

Let’s take a look at which window film design is best for your commercial property:

  1. Enhance Your Office Productivity with Frosted Privacy Film

Etched glass is usually pricey, and it isn’t worth the money. On the other hand, frosted privacy film provides that classic style and elegance without putting a strain on the business’s budget.

Many businesses use frosted privacy film on the lower panes of large windows or the bottom half of huge windows. This technique is used to provide seclusion while reducing glare and preserving a pleasant sight.

  1. Decorative Film Can Help You Personalize Your Business

Use custom film as a definite branding tool thanks to digital technology. You can also include company logos and text into custom film treatments.

Designing internal stained glass looks, window graphics, and having an in-house graphic designer print directly on the ornamental film are some of the hot-trending things.

  1. Invest in Safety and Security Film for Your Business.

Achieve more than just a beautiful appearance and glare reduction with an appropriate window treatment. It can also improve security against graffiti vandalism and break-ins.

No one can prevent a vandal from causing harm to your commercial facility with graffiti. However, the expense of removing and renewing anti-graffiti film is insignificant when compared to the cost of purchasing thick glass panes.

In addition, security film deters criminals from scoping out your establishment. Finally, because the glass remains in the entrance, it adds a layer of protection.

  1. Workplace UV Protection with Solar Film

Solar window film provides an ideal solution for businesses who want to enjoy expansive sights. It also helps reduce UV rays and the impact direct sunlight has on flooring, upholstery, and HVAC expenditures.

Natural light can move freely in the office thanks to these unique films. They reduce heat expansion by filtering off damaging rays. Business workers can make use of all the advantages of large windows thanks to solar window film.

Final Thoughts

If you want to add style, security, UV protection, and branding opportunities to your exterior or interior windows, contact a professional office window film provider and installation in the Philippines.

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