Applications of Decorative and Privacy Window Films

June 8, 2022

Are you considering installing decorative, sun control, or security window film for your home? Gone are those days when home window film meant the thin sheets that can be self-applied and peeled. Now you can get high-quality, warranty-backed, and professionally installed commercial and residential window film products. Further in this blog, we will be discussing places in your home where you can use window films.

Stained glass on kitchen windows

Stained glass looks perfect for kitchen windows as it adds a decorative touch to the space. You can get high-quality prints and nobody will realize that you haven’t paid big bucks for this thing.

Kitchen cabinets

Want to save the cabinets from the messy fingerprints? Opt for a smudge-free and easy-to-clean window film. It will protect your windows and work as a decorative addition to your kitchen.

Frosted side windows

If you are living in close quarters to your neighbors and don’t want the hassle of opening and closing the windows the window treatments then frosted security window film can help you. It allows light to enter while keeping the nosy neighbors out! Apart from that, you can get plenty of options in this kind of window tint.

Frosted windows for the bathroom

The bathroom is the place where we want the utmost privacy. Curtains in the bathroom with all the moisture can create issues. So adding a decorative or privacy window to the bathrooms can provide you with the solution.

Shower doors

Shower doors also require privacy. Adding window films to the glass of your shower doors can be ideal to increase both privacy and comfort.

Exterior door and windows

If you want to increase the curb appeal of your home, adding window film to the glass of the front door and windows can be the best. It also helps in maintaining the temperatures in your home by reflecting the sun’s rays and making your home more energy-efficient.

Etched effects

We have already discussed the frosted windows. Apart from that, you can use the frosted film to create an etched glass appearance on your main door. It gives a classic look to the entrance of your home and you can choose the style depending upon your choice.

Rice paper for workspace

Do you know about rice paper frosted film? It comes with a light texture and opaque paper finish. Most of the time, it is applied to the glass of office doors and windows because this is the place where people require privacy and elegance.

Add gradient film to the family space

It is a decorative window tint that you can get in more than 100 designs. You can use the gradient window film to control the light and how much interior can be viewed from the outside. It also adds a decorative feel to the space.

Choose security window films

Security window films are used to enhance the strength of the usual glass. These films help in avoiding break-ins, vandalism, accidents, natural disasters, etc. If you want any kind of window tints for your home, contact the experts to get a price quote right away.

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