Is Window Tint Applied on the Inside or Outside of the Window?

November 14, 2022

Window tint is one of the best upgrades for any property. However, a question that may arise in your mind when thinking about window tinting is whether the window tint goes outside or inside the window. So the answer is that it can be applied both inside and outside the window. The application is determined by the type of windows you have, your location, the window tint being applied, and the problem that you want to address. All in all, it is vital to work with professionals to ensure that you get the best recommendation as well as long-lasting window tint.

Interior vs exterior window film installation

No matter whether the tint is inside or outside, it can drastically reduce the infrared light and UV rays that enter your home. As a result, you can save on cooling costs, get a comfortable environment, and the upholstery will last longer.

Now let’s talk about window film installation. Until the past few years, home window tinting was usually installed inside the glass. The internal installation protects the tint from harsh weather as well as regular wear and tear. There are also reasons to prefer the exterior application.

When window tint is applied to the interior of the glass, infrared and UV rays pass through the glass before being rejected by the tint. The heat doesn’t enter your home however it passes through the glass twice. As a result, if the home has dual pane windows, the sun’s heat and UV rays can cause heat build-up in between the panes. Thus, interior installation is not recommended for dual-pane windows.

Reasons to choose interior window tint

Some of the reasons for choosing interior window tint are:

  • You don’t need to worry about the weather damaging the window.
  • You don’t need to worry about the trees or other environmental factors wearing the film.
  • You are looking for easy installation.

Reasons to choose exterior window tint

As mentioned above, if you have dual-pane windows, you should certainly go for exterior window film. There can be other reasons to choose the exterior window tint. We have mentioned them below:

  • No need to move any furniture or disrupt the routine.
  • No contact installations if you want.
  • It can be combined with other options to increase the safety and security of windows.
  • It can reduce the danger of burning from reflective glare for properties having turf.

Ready to get BF film ceramic tint?

Whether you are choosing interior or exterior installation, choose a quality tint such as bf film ceramic tint. These tints offer advanced technology that gives you privacy, the best visibility, and the highest heat rejection up to 97%. It blocks the harmful UV rays that cause severe harm to your skin including skin cancer.

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