Required Qualities in Residential Window Films That Make Them Essential for You

September 22, 2018

Some rooms simply look nicer without protective window coverings, like drapes, curtains, and blinds. However, you may want to consider adding a residential window film for better solar control and to increase your safety indoors. Once installed, it can protect you and your furniture from solar radiation, which comes in as ultraviolet light and heat. High-quality window films act like sunscreen to block the harmful ultraviolet light, while regulating the level of light & heat that goes through the glass. There are different types of residential window films and they vary in terms of the amount of light and heat they can reject.

The most commonly used window films for homes are metallised or reflective films, which reflect and absorb solar energy, and the dyed, non-reflective films that absorb the solar energy. There are ceramic or nanofilms, too, which utilise high-tech compounds for higher-quality performance. Regardless of your choice, make sure that you get residential window film that has the following qualities:

Heat reduction – The latest window films can reject up to 82 percent of solar energy. When less heat enters your home, the cooler and comfortable your room will be, and you can reduce your cooling costs.

Anti-glare – Glare can come from different sources, such as the sun, sunlight reflecting from water and other houses or buildings, or vehicle headlights. It is not just annoying, but dangerous when it obstructs your vision. Residential window film can act like sunglasses and help cut glare.

Health protection – High-quality residential window films can prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows to minimise your risk of permanent vision impairment, premature skin ageing, and skin cancer.

Increase the security and safety of your home – Residential window film can serve as an additional protective barrier that can prevent the glass from shattering into smaller, dangerous pieces. Thick films may make it more difficult to break the glass, too.

Enhance your home’s appearance – Window films may improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Reflective residential window film may provide privacy, too, so you can prevent people from easily seeing what is inside your home from outside.

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