4 Benefits of V Kool Philippines Window Tints

November 2, 2017

Unlike traditional dark films commonly installed on vehicles, V Kool window tints use a completely unique technology, making it the first intelligent tint film with the ability to differentiate wavelengths within the solar spectrum. This spectral technology has revolutionized and continues to advance the window tinting industry. It is derived from a complex manufacturing process of embedding multiple layers of heat-reflecting materials to create the smart film. Below are benefits of V Kool window tints over traditional dark tint films for vehicles:

  • V Kool films use wavelength selective technology, which gives it exceptional heat rejection properties without appearing dark or reflective. Traditional window tints are dyed and/or ceramic polished, causing them to absorb some heat instead of completely rejecting it. Although traditional dark window films have the ability to reject considerable amounts of heat, the amount that they don’t gets absorbed by the glass, making it hot, and adding to the temperature inside.
  • V Kool’s infrared heat rejection properties keep both the interior of your vehicle and the glass windows at even temperature, which not only helps prevent intense heat build-up, but also prevents potential breakage or cracking of glass due to harsh and changing weather conditions.
  • V Kool tints use the same technology as air crafts and defense systems that have the ability to deflect radar waves. Originally designed for these applications, these tints now offer practical everyday protection for cars, while providing owners with a variety of texture types to suit their styles and tastes. V Kool tints come in metallic and matte varieties.
  • V Kool film is on a slightly higher price range than your standard dark tint, but it offers greater quality and durability, which more than justifies the additional cost. More than this, V Kool tint is a type of accessory you can have installed and then forget about, as it requires virtually no maintenance.
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