Instructions – How to Apply 3M Window Films Efficiently

January 23, 2017

Buying a new car is always exciting but it is important to make it truly yours. People customize their cars with stickers and other types of accessories. Some of these accessories are purely aesthetic while others offer practical use as well.

Window tints or security films are one of the accessories that provide looks, security, and utility simultaneously. It is one of the few accessories that you can buy without spending too much money or a bunch of add-ons.

Among all the brands, 3M is an established name in car accessories and their window films are no exception. They offer great quality with reliability. Some specific 3M window films also come with a manufacturer warranty of one to five years indicating the expected longevity of the product.

A good quality 3M window film may or may not be too visible but it has the ability to block the UV radiation and solar heat. That means these can last longer than you expect. Make sure to buy types of window films that can offer you security with sufficient visibility. There are also certain laws and regulations with the use of car security films to avoid possible crimes.

When it comes to the installation of 3M window films you should always look for professional help. 3M car window films usually come in the form of big vinyl sheets that need to be cut according to the shape and size of your car window.

The installation of car window films does not require the use of any special tools other than plastic spudgers but it should be done carefully as a slight uneven or wrong movement of the hand can spoil all the hard work. Professionals can prepare the window film matching the exact size of the window making them look appealing rather than the rough handiwork of an inexperienced person.

While installing the window films the sheets must be spread carefully on the glass else it might have air bubbles which can cause the film to peel off from one side or another. You should only take you car to the auto shops that specialize in window tinting. They can also tell you about various measures to take good care of your window films so that they last you a long time.

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