Things You Never Know About Window Tint in the Philippines

May 23, 2016

A high-quality window tint can provide many benefits to your establishment. In the Philippines, window tints can be especially handy to protect your equipment, provide more privacy, reduce glare, decrease heat, and improve the comfort in your workplace. Are you interested in this technology? Here are some of the things you may not know about window tinting in the Philippines:

How Window Tints Work
Glass windows are barriers that protect the interior of your building from outdoor elements like the rain, wind, and dust. At the same time, they provide a natural view of what is outside. However, during daytime, solar energy, which is composed of UV rays, light, and heat, can transmit 90 percent of those components through the glass. With window tint, you can block almost 80 percent of solar energy. High-quality tint with special dyes, nano technology, or metals in the film act as a solar shield by reflecting or absorbing a percentage of energy to prevent it from going through the glass.

Uses of Window Tinting
Discerning business and property owners install window tint to their glass windows to minimize or control the negative effects of sun exposure, such as UV damage, glare, heat, and fading. When heat is minimized indoors, you can reduce your AC usage, which in turn can minimize your cooling and energy costs. Window tint protects your eyes from UV damage, and ensures better vision by reducing or preventing glare. Likewise, it helps reduce your risks for skin cancers and other conditions caused by too much exposure to UV rays.

How Window Tinting Improves the Safety of Your Building
Window tints may provide additional privacy and increase the safety of your property. Safety films can be installed to deter theft and vandalism. Tint may be unable to completely stop thieves from breaking glass, but its thickness could make it more difficult to damage the windows. Anti-graffiti film may provide additional protection to glass windows from damage caused by etching and graffiti, too.

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