Residential and Commercial Applications V-KOOL Window Tint in the Philippines

March 28, 2020

There was a time when getting a car or building window tinting done was considered to be trendy and fashionable. Window tint, a transparent film was applied onto the glass and has been in use for several years now. There is no dearth of companies coming up with high-quality window tint options, but it is important to understand that a lot of science is at play when it comes to this product. V-Kool is one of the globally recognized leaders in providing energy-efficient solutions. The company has won a lot of appreciation and accolades and today, v-kool in the Philippines is considered as one of the major inventions in the world, at par with inventions like the world wide web, computer, telephone, and air conditioning.

Though tinting solutions are seemingly simple, v-kool stands apart as an innovative solution. This product has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. Many third-party and independent testing has proved that v-kool film can keep out 98% of harmful ultraviolet light. This light emits radiation that can cause eye damage and serious sunburn. Getting the windows tinted with this film is akin to tanning solution with 130 SPF or sun protection factor. When getting this film on car windows, it allows drivers and passengers to enjoy sunshine without getting exposed to its damaging and harmful rays.

Many other window tinting options are able to filter out only 15 percent infrared heat of the sun. Conversely, going with heavily tinted windows results in reduced visibility. It makes night driving very challenging.

With technical advancements, window tint in Philippines is available that are quite effective and bring a lot of benefits to the users. A lot of research on particle science goes into these tints before it is made available in the market for use. V-Kool has successfully made use of a leading patented dielectric sputtering process. Thus, when looking for only quality window tinting solutions, look for v-kool or similar high-quality window tint residential and commercial options to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of tinting coming to you.

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