Advantages Of 3M Tint in the Philippines Include Your Vehicle and Health Protection

May 1, 2019

Applying car window tints is essential for you and your vehicle’s security and safety. But not all car tints can provide the same level of protection. There will always be brands that are more efficient and offer the most value for money. One of them is the 3M tints.

3M tint Philippines offers a wide range of car films in various products to suit different applications and uses. They have Black Chrome, Color Stable, Security, and Crystalline Series. All of their products ensure the following advantages:

Heat and sun protection

All types of 3M tints are engineered to have a high level of heat rejection properties. They will block UV rays and solar energy, preventing them from seeping through the windows of your car. They can also even out the temperature in the vehicle and remove hot spots. That way, everyone in the car remains comfortable during the trip.

Minimise UV exposure

Exposure to UV rays and radiation from the sun is dangerous to your skin’s health. But with 3M car window tints, the risk of getting skin damage is minimised. These tints can also help protect the fabrics and upholstery from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Block the view from the outside

The brand offers metalised films that allow you to have some privacy in your car. But this isn’t the only benefit of using car window tints. They will also add a layer of security as they obstruct the view of people looking at your car from outside.

Add a strong layer of protection

People will not only find it hard to see what’s inside your car—thieves will also have a difficult time smashing and breaking the windows. In case of a collision, 3M tints will hold the glass the fragments of glass together, thus protecting you and your passengers from further injuries.

3M offers car window tinting in Cebu by partnering with suppliers. These companies also offer 3M tints installation to ensure that you experience all the said benefits.

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