Get the Best Window Film in The Philippines That Can Handle Any Weather Conditions

March 2, 2019

Looking for house tint‌‌s that can handle the roughest weather conditions? Consider 3M tints. This brand is one of the best in the Philippines and the world when it comes to providing security and comfort despite extreme summer and rainy seasons. Here are some of the reasons why 3M tints remain as the top window films in the Philippines.

Have excellent heat rejection properties

3M tints have heat rejection properties that block and reject solar energy from the sun. They minimise heat, preventing them from seeping indoors. This means that the tints can make summer months in the Philippines more bearable and comfortable. This also means that your cooling systems (like fans and air conditioners) don’t have to work double just to keep your home cool.

Provides UV protection

Aside from solar energy or heat, 3M tints Philippines also block the UV rays of the sun, which can cause skin cancers and eyestrain. The different types of 3M tints can reject up to 90% of the UV rays to keep you safe from their adverse effects.

Protects your home against the impact caused by rain and wind

3M tints are shatter-proof. They add a strong layer of protection to your glass windows so that they won’t easily break despite strong winds and typhoons.

Need clear tints in Philippines‌‌? 3M is the brand to choose. There is a wide range of clear tints that you can install in your home and even commercial spaces. They are great options because they allow natural light to enter but reject heat and UV rays in the home. That’s how they create bright and comfortable living conditions.

Correct installation of 3M window tints ensures the best results. The tints will function as desired and will give your space a more beautiful appearance that you will enjoy for years. To guarantee the best results, look for a company that supplies and installs 3M tints in the Philippines‌‌.

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