Facts on Using Window Films on Commercial Establishments

April 28, 2016

The window films are made using polyester and coated with a layer of materials like ceramics, dyes, carbon or metal to produce unique tints. It is not difficult to understand the science of commercial window tinting. It is a simple process of installing an extremely thin film on the glass surface of a window with an adhesive.

Once installed, a commercial window tint film causes a little haziness when looking through the window. This is common, and it occurs due to the process of adhesive bonding. This is part of the process of curing. Typically, the process of curing tends to be slow owing to the evaporation of liquids used in the course of installing the window film. A commercial window tint film will take 30 days to cure. The process depends on the type of the window tint film. Here is a look at some of them.

Deposited Film: During the process of making deposited films, a tank with nickel, chromium, aluminum or copper ingots is mixed with the window film. Then, the window film is put in a vacuum. After that, argon gas is forcefully passed over the metal in the tank. This heats up the metal ingots, their particles rise and get deposited on the surface of the film. If the coating of the metal particles is thicker, then the film will acquire a darker shade and take a longer time to cure.

Sputtered Film: To make sputtered film, 25 different metals can be used for sputtering the surface of the film. This helps in making the film much thinner and lighter. The technique of sputtering involves the coating of particles on the film using ionized gas on the metals. The sputtered film cures fastest.

Nano-Ceramic Films: The Nano-Ceramic window film uses innovative technology that carries with it all the advantages of both carbon and ceramic films. By reducing carbon particles down to nano scale, these films reduce the haze caused by its natural large size, while retaining its incredible durability. By encapsulating high purity ceramic particles, it further enhances color stability while maintaining high visibility. Nano-Ceramic film is an innovative product with improved visibility and durability with higher color stability and heat rejection compared to other window film on the market.

Apart from the types mentioned here, hybrid window tint films are also used. These films are made by mixing metals as well as dyes together. They are considered to be of extremely high-quality as it contains the best qualities of both metals and dyes.

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