Installing Window Films at Home Protects Your Family

April 28, 2016

Window tinting is a very basic procedure of putting a plastic film on the glass surface of the windows. The main purpose of applying a window tint film is to prevent the excess heat from entering the house. Window tinting also helps in saving energy costs. If your home windows are tinted, you will use less cooling and thus save on your utility bill.

The glare of sunlight is reduced by up to 80% if your windows are tinted. This will help you focus while working on your computer or reading a book. It also improves the appearance of the house. Window tinting can be done for your car windows as well. It also helps in protecting your family in many ways.

• Protects from Skin Cancer: Tinted windows can block the harmful UV radiation in sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause skin cancer. UV rays also increase the rate of aging. Normally, these rays can penetrate glass and even bounce off water and other reflective surfaces like mirrors. Window tint films with a UV blocking coating can prevent these rays from entering the home.

• Increases Privacy:Window tints in dark shades can provide your family with privacy even in a crowded neighborhood. This feature is very helpful when you have large, street facing windows. They are beneficial for use in bathroom windows and shower doors as well. When your windows are tinted, the people cannot see inside, but you can see outside from your home. In addition, this allows for glass on your front door while still having better security options than a peephole.

• Provides Insulation: The window tints have high thermal properties. They help to improve the insulation of your house by keeping the house warm during winters and cool during summer. This. Window tints increase insulation properties of glass by 70 percent.

• Extreme Weather: Storms such as hurricanes, cyclones and tornados can each generate windblasts that reach speeds of over 100 mph causing severe structural damage to buildings and can be lethal to humans. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused more than $81 billion in damages and took 1,500 lives. It is because of these staggering costs in lives and property that people located in high risk areas need to consider adequately protecting their windows. Even with all the latest weather technology, no one knows when a natural disaster will happen or where it will strike next. Installing protective safety and security films is a cost-efficient way to increase survivability in the event of a serious storm. Safety and security film acts as a protective net, adhering broken glass shards to itself helping to reduce potentially hazardous damage.

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