What are the Advantages of Smart PDLC Films?

April 26, 2022

Switchable glass partitions and window films add flexibility and innovation to interior designs. PDLC films technology can transform an interior space from open to private and intimate, or anywhere in between. It is especially beneficial in agile work environments such as hospitals and office spaces where flexible open floor plans are designed to create and maintain privacy while maximizing the space for a modern living and work culture.

PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology is an active small glass technology to make a glass film transparent or turn it opaque, depending on the level of comfort and privacy required. It adjusts the light passing state between the transparent and the scattered state. It allows to interchange the privacy settings between transparent and opaque smartly. 

How it works

When the PDLC film is turned off, the polymer liquid crystal materials are disorderly arranged, preventing light from passing through the film. The milky white opaque state is visible at this time. When the PDLC film is energized after turning on the power, the polymer liquid crystal materials are arranged in an order to let the light pass through it and produce the effect of a transparent and colorless film.

Advantages of Smart PDLC Films

Today, switchable glass films are used in creating innovative interior places for a variety of purposes in different facilities. Smart PDLC films in the Philippines offer many advantages compared to other glass films used for partitions or window tinting. The most common advantages include:

Easy to switch 

When the power is turned on, the glass with the PDLC film is transparent, and when it is turned off, it is opaque. It makes it easier to switch between transparent and opaque states as per the requirements and demands. The switching between states is very simple and can be managed using remotes or manually. 

Adjust light and temperature

Smart PDLC glass films can automatically adjust the light intensity and infrared transmittance in response to outside temperature and light changes. Adjustable buttons allow you to achieve a suitable light and temperature for making an environmentally and health-friendly indoor environment. PDLC films also have a strong anti-ultraviolet function to protect your indoors from harmful ultraviolet rays.


PDLC films technology eliminates the need for curtains to prevent sun glare and light coming into your rooms. It saves the time and effort required to install and wash curtains.

Innovative and advanced features

Glass films with PDLC technology have excellent sound insulation characteristics with an anti-noise ability to create a noise-free indoor environment. The methods of operation and control are also simple and extensive using remote network control methods as well as manual switch control.

Smart PDLS glass has a clear advantage over other glass tinting options as it provides privacy while also allowing natural light to pass through at your demands. Contact us at LA Window Films to know more about smart PDLC films in the Philippines and how they can improve your indoor environment.

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