Instructions: How to Apply Window Tint in the Philippines

April 28, 2016

Window tint is more important than you think. It can offer extra privacy and security for residential and commercial properties and even lower your electricity bills. Tints are especially helpful during dreadful summers in the Philippines. If you think installing window films is a DIY job, think again. Many problems can arise due to unprofessional tinting or film installation. Contamination of dirt and dust or even hair can ruin your window’s film. Have professional and experienced installers do the project for you. They practice proper preparation and use application techniques that can prevent contamination and other issues, ensuring quality film installation.

Window tinting or the application of film is not a one-day deal. Proper installation can easily take several days as it is common for window films to form small water pockets or be slightly hazy once they installed. This is called ‘curing’ and is part of the adhesive bonding process. Depending on the weather conditions in your area of the Philippines and the film type, film usually cures within 30 days. The curing process can really take some time as the water pockets are removed through natural evaporation. The longest films to dry are heavy and sputtered security films.

After curing and once the film is finally dry, your windows will be safe to clean. No special cleaning supplies are needed; a small amount of soap and water will do. To clean your windows, do as you would car windows—soap and then squeegee dry using overlapping strokes. Normal strength window glass cleaners can also be used. Although tinted or filmed windows have scratch resistant coatings, remember that they are not scratch proof. It’s best to steer clear of industrial-strength window glass cleaners and abrasive cleaners as well as cleaning tools that can scratch films. It is okay to use cleaning products that contain ammonia as long as it is within a reasonable quantity and not left to soak on the tinted windows.

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