Do the Heat Rejection Window Films Really Work?

January 31, 2023

Windows are one of the most important components for our homes and office. They make the space airy and open. However, the same windows can make the space hot during the summer months, resulting in increased power consumption by the air conditioners. So is there any solution for it?

Rather than pulling the blinds and living in the dark, opt for modern heat-rejection window film. They not only keep the space cool and comfortable but also protect you from strangers’ eyes. When it comes to window films, most customers want both heat rejection and privacy but they often wonder, “does reflective window film actually block the heat?”

The one-word answer is yes. Reflective window film blocks a huge amount of heat. We can say that these films provide the maximum heat rejection. Further in this blog, we will be learning more about heat rejection films.

What window film is the best for heat rejection?

There are several heat rejection window films available in the market. They are a well-known solution for annoying glare and uncomfortable heat. Moreover, these films block harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you are looking for cooler rooms but don’t care much about privacy, a solar film can be an option for you. They come in a number of colors, all of which reduce some amount of heat and glare. While solar film helps reduce the heat and glare in your office or home, it doesn’t add privacy.

So if you are looking for both privacy and cooler space, a reflective film can be your choice. It reduces the maximum amount of heat while providing privacy.

What are reflective window films?

It is a type of heat-rejection window film that reflects the light on the outside like a mirror. For this reason, it is also known as a one-way mirror film. Reflective window film prevents people from seeing through your windows while still allowing you to see outside. Reflective window tints can keep more than 99% of UV rays out so you don’t need to worry about fading your belongings such as upholstery.

Reflective window film bounces a huge portion of the sun’s rays back to keep the space cool. This feature of reflective window film really helps as it reduces the need for air conditioning. Moreover, it enhances the look of the space from the outside as well as inside. With the reflective window film, your office building or home looks much more welcoming.

To conclude

Adding heat-rejection window films to any space can make a huge difference. Apart from making the space look attractive and professional, heat-rejection window film allows you to save on energy bills. If you are ready to get the heat-rejection window film installed, feel free to contact the experts and get a free price quote.

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