What You Need to Know about the Security Film for Commercial Spaces

January 9, 2023

You cannot imagine a productive and effective commercial space without the right windows. But these windows might allow preying eyes and burglars to enter your space. Here the security window tint comes into play.

Protecting your business should be the priority of a business owner and they should do whatever it takes to keep everyone inside the business space safe. So if you are a business owner and are planning to invest in commercial security window films, it is critical for you to understand what it can and cannot do to protect you.

What can window security film do?

Window security film aims to make the window glass tougher to penetrate by a criminal, hail, or any flying debris. It reinforces the glass in your windows so they can be sturdy. It does not allow the broken glass to shatter and fly away to harm anyone. Now let’s look at some of the myths that people have in their mind about security films.

Myths about the security films

It prevents theft and intruders from entering the space

Safety films don’t prevent someone who wants to enter the office space. However, it slows the intruder down and makes it more difficult for them to break the glass. With this, you can get more time to call for help.

It is a primary defense

People often think that security film can be a substitute for an alarm system or other security devices however it is not true. While it hard is to be broken, it cannot secure a property completely. Security films cannot be a primary defense system and they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for other security systems.

It should be installed on every window

The experts recommend that users only need to add the security window films on main access points to their property including glass doors and sidelights around the entry. You may profit by installing the film on every single window but you can opt for some selective windows and doors if you are on a budget. Moreover, you have to be an informed customer and don’t invest in something that you don’t need.

It is bulletproof

Security films aren’t bulletproof. However, it does hold the glass pieces shattered after the impact of a bullet. Bullets will penetrate through the film and glass and no manufacturer can claim that their product is bulletproof.

Last verdict

Although the crime rate has been decreasing, criminals are still active. So if you want to protect your commercial space, consider installing the security window film on your glass entry doors and their sidelights. Feel free to get in touch with the experts for a free estimate today.

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