Do your windows require a safety film installation?

March 5, 2018

With an increase in some crimes, all commercial and residential owners have started focusing on new security initiatives from video monitoring to making window security measures stronger. Therefore, demand for installing window and safety film is increased in modern times. Safety film helps to create a layer of protection that supports glass that becomes almost difficult for robbers or extreme weather to enter. However, in the event of breakage, safety film is produced to build a sustained shatter that bonds glass fragments collectively, just like a car shield. Security or Safety films are widely used by Government bureaus and large enterprises to develop protection from possibilities of bomb blasts, weaponry shootings, and natural disasters.

What does Safety Film consist of?

Safety film consists of a single thin sheet made up of polyester that is created either by using pressure sensitive or water stimulated acrylic adhesive. These are a spin-off of solar control films that are common in size of 7 mils or .004 to .007 inches in standard width.

However, these are accessible in transparent, solar power reflective, architecturally tinted or having ultraviolet protection.

Why there is need to install safety film or window Films in glasses?

Safety film in windows is installed to exaggerate the security of normal window glass in commercial and residential places. These are mounted on the retrofit support on the internal part of subsisting windows. There is a need for high skill experts for installing safety films in windows. After it is installed properly, it provides various benefits to family members as well as staff.

Let us discuss some benefits of Safety film and window films after installing

Protecting health of your staff and family members

This helps to protect your staff and family from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the potential for skin dryness, allergies and other skin cancers that are related to exposure to sunlight.

Providing safety and security to staff members and family

However, these help to protect your family and staff from the risk of severe damage and cuts that can happen when windows are cracked.  These risks get decreased because of safety film, as it bonds very tightly to glass and holds dangerous fragments in place against contact. Safety films exceedingly enhance persistence and endurance to fragmenting in a very inconspicuous approach.

Apart from these benefits, a safety or window film are eco-friendly. These help to reduce electric bills and reduces heating effecting inside home or workplace during summer. Therefore, safety film or windows film is more important for homes or workplace.

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