Car Window Tinting: Why Should we Have 3M Car Tint in the Philippines?

October 3, 2019

If you are in the market for a reliable brand of car tints, choose none other than 3M. Some of the best types of 3M tints in the Philippines include the Black Chrome Series, Crystalline, and Security Series. While they have differences, they all promise the same advantages such as:

Excellent heat rejection properties

All 3M tints in the Philippines can effectively reject solar energy from the sun to keep your car cool. They are designed to minimize heat absorption or build-up in your glass windows to prevent hot spots and inconsistent temperature. This is also the reason why your car won’t be hot to touch unlike with conventional tints. They can reject 60% to 72% of heat, which is higher than the other brands of tints.

Add protective barriers that work against UV rays

3M tints in the Philippines may look thin, but they actually have a hundred and more protective layers. In fact, their Crystalline tints, which are clear films, have 200 layers of nanotechnology. Aside from heat, these layers also block UV rays from entering through the window by up to 99%. Adding 3M tints lets you protect your car interior’s integrity as well as your skin’s health against the harmful rays of the sun.

Make your glass windows shatter-proof

Using advanced technology, 3M is able to add strength and durability to glass windows, making them shatter-proof. The films are designed to help windows withstand a blow or impact in order to reduce the risk of shattering during a collision. Even if the windows get broken, the films will hold the shattered pieces together so that they won’t cause further damage and injuries.

Improve your vehicle’s appearance

Another notable thing about 3M tints, specifically their Black Chrome series, is that they instantly improve car’s looks. If you want to add some character to your vehicle or simply make it look more elegant on the road, 3M is the brand to choose.

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