Why is 3M Tint Popular in the Philippines for Tinting Windows of Cars, Homes and Businesses?

January 3, 2020

When it comes to looking for tinting options, nothing can beat 3M tint that can be used in businesses, homes, and cars. 3M Tinting Solutions ensure the utmost comfort and safety of the users with its innovative technology. Here, we bring you a few reasons that shall help you understand why 3m tint Philippines has gained so much popularity as the best tinting solution.

Reduce Scorching Sunrays

Even on cold, wintry days, constant sunlight entering your home or car can feel quite intense and uncomfortable. Instead of changing your sitting area or shifting and fidgeting on your car seat, it is better to get a 3M tint installed and enjoy a comfortable ride. The tint can reduce or reject up to 60 percent of solar energy coming in through the car, home, or business establishment windows. It keeps interiors cool and keeps furnishings and furniture safe and protected against the harsh glare of sunlight. This tint also blocks harmful UV rays from entering inside the area while at the same time allowing visible light inside. Its unique technology combines more than 200 layers of nano technology in a multi-layer optical film helping in rejecting more heat than the darker and denser films.

A Stylish Look

3M Tint Philippines allow car drivers to arrive in style. This tint provides you with an unbeatable style and looks. Enjoy amazing privacy and heat rejection to keep your car interiors cooler and comfortable.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

3M Tint also helps in blocking harmful UV rays entering space. This dangerous radiation is responsible for many skin-associated issues and problems. Installing this tint help in blocking approximately 99 percent of harmful UV rays. It rejects radiation, light, and heat making the ride more comfortable.

Reduces Debilitating Glare

Constant glare of harsh sunlight in your eyes can make it difficult to drive. Installing 3M tint ensures natural light streaming in without glare resulting in comfortable and safer driving experience.

All these benefits make the use of 3M Tint Philippines, one of the best tinting options in cars, homes, and businesses.

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