Understanding the Nitty Gritty of V Kool Films in the Philippines

April 28, 2016

V Kool is a brand of high-quality car tints. Its products can be found around the world, including the Philippines where it is preferred for its ability to reflect sunlight and heat away from the vehicle. V Kool films are excellent for the Philippine weather, especially since it can get excruciatingly hot during the day, causing the interior of vehicles to become uncomfortable and its atmosphere to become suffocating and nauseating. With the right tint like V Kool, your vehicle can reflect heat and minimize its effects to your car’s interior temperature.

Conventional car tints are made of dyed films that tend to absorb heat. They cause the glass of the windows to become hot, which then causes the interior of the vehicle to be hot, too. XIR technology is applied to V Kool’s Solitaire series of window films to provide layers of protective film to reflect selective infrared wavelengths. Stacks of metalized layers add a spectrally selective aspect to the tint, resulting in a product that can effectively reflect heat and sunlight, and prevent them from getting absorbed into your vehicle.

V Kool films can help maintain a more comfortable temperature in your car, especially in the summer when temperatures tend to soar beyond 34 degrees Celsius. Car films from the V Kool Solitaire series effectively reflect heat to keep the glass and car interior cooler. This way, your air-conditioning unit can efficiently cool your car, and you and your passengers can be more comfortable especially when driving in the summer. V Kool is a great investment for discerning car owners. It adds instant status to your vehicle with its ingenious design that utilizes and layers gold and silver at a nano-level.

Apart from the car tints in the Solitaire series, V Kool offers other types of films from its V8 Stature and V6 Signature series. V8 Stature features high-performance tints that reflect heat-bearing infrared waves, and V6 Signature is a great option for everyday driving as it offers both glare control and UV protection. As V Kool products keep your car cool, they can help increase its fuel efficiency by up to three percent and passenger comfort by up to 22 percent while reducing CO2 emissions by up to 117kg per year. Be sure to buy V Kool films from a reputable and authorized retailer in the Philippines.

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