How is Clear Tint Different from Other Kinds of Tints? – Here is Your Answer

June 1, 2019

Window tint Philippines are generally available in two types: (1) dark or reflective and (2) clear. How are they different? What are the characteristics of clear tint Philippines that make them desirable? In this blog, we discuss what sets them apart from other kind of tint in the Philippines and the many practical reasons why you should consider using them for your car, your home, your office, or your commercial space.

Combat heat without blocking your views

In a tropical country like the Philippines, heat or hot weather has always been a problem. It can be a struggle to keep your car or your living/working space well-ventilated. Dark or reflective window tint films can block heat, but they can also make the interior of your car or space darker because of their opacity. This is not a problem with clear tint Philippines. They have excellent heat rejection properties that reduce the heat seeping through your glass windows while still letting you enjoy clear, unobstructed views. You get natural light without the heat.

Go greener without sacrificing aesthetics

Did you know that clear window tint Philippines can reduce your energy usage and help the environment as well? Installing clear tint Philippines is a great way to create a more energy-efficient and sustainable lifestyle without having to settle for dark tints, which can ruin the look of your car, home, or commercial building.

Since you can use the sun as the main source of light in your house, commercial space, or office during the day time, you don’t have to turn on as many lights. This reduces your energy consumption. It also enables you to depend less on your cooling systems and therefore saves more money. The same goes for your car, as your AC doesn’t have to work as hard.

If you are interested in installing clear tint Philippines then be sure to work with an authorized retailer in the country. These types of window tint Philippines are made by specialized manufacturers. By working with a licensed retailer and installer, you can be sure that you are getting authentic films.

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