Spectrally Selective Window Tint Films in Philippines to Boost Your Windows Effectiveness

November 21, 2016

Modern window films come in many varieties and types. Spectrally selective window films have the ability to differentiate between the different wavelengths of light in the spectrum and allow only some of them to pass through. Essentially, they act as photo filters that prevent certain colors of light from entering your car. They can thus block unwanted energy from sunlight. Since UV and IR are also parts of the spectrum, they can reduce the amount of heat and UV radiation too.

These window films can be chosen according to their spectrum selection specifications. The most widely used spectrally selective window films are those that are UV and blue light specific.

Spectrally selective window films that block the red and infrared end of the spectrum significantly lower the heat entering the vehicle interiors. They can reduce fuel expenses and increase the efficiency of your car AC. Such spectrally selective window films are better than most dark window films that reduce a large part of the visible light. Moreover, dark window films may even be illegal in some jurisdictions. Spectrally selective window films are elegant and are barely visible. Films that can filter out both the UV and IR spectrum are probably the most beneficial. You can have a comfortable and safe environment in your vehicle. Spectrally selective window films offer the best ratio of visible light transmission to heat rejection.

Any dark window film and blocks most of the visible light is not spectrally selective film. The effectiveness of any spectrally selective window film is measured according to its ability to let visible light through while blocking IR rays. This provides a bright ambiance while also having heat rejection capability. An ideal film would be totally clear but still have the ability to block heat and excessive sunlight.

Spectrally selective films can be applied to a single pane and insulating fixed glass. If installed properly, they do not require any maintenance except regular cleaning with soap or mild detergents and water. They are also a good option to enhance the look of your vehicle without even making major changes to it. Such films will give your car windows a new look while solving the heat issue at the same time.

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