7 Window Tinting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

November 14, 2022

With window tinting, you can prevent energy loss which results in lower energy bills for your home. Moreover, house window tints improve safety, add privacy, and increase the value of the property. So in order to experience the benefits of window tints, you need to be perfect right from the very beginning. There are some window tinting mistakes that should be avoided at the time of installation to get the best tinting results. We have listed those mistakes below so continue reading to learn.

  1. Not cleaning the windows before tinting

It is vital to ensure that all the windows of your home are perfectly clean before tinting. Tinting on windows that have dirt will result in visible marks and stains under the tinting. Remember that you have to remove the already attached tint from the window before cleaning. On unclean windows, the adhesive of tint doesn’t work thus you won’t get the desired finish. So thoroughly clean both sides of windows before cleaning. Also, check right before the installation to make sure that they are still spotless.

  1. Opting for DIY

Opting for DIY tinting is another mistake that homeowners make. It may feel like you are saving money however it can cost you even more than hiring professional house window tint installers. There are huge chances of mistakes with DIY window tinting as tinting is a complex job requiring professional skills.

  1. Failing to hire a reputed company

Hiring a reputed tinting installer is vital to safely installing window film. However, most homeowners don’t take the time to research to find the best tint installers. As a result, they end up with frustrating outcomes. The tint begins to peel off after a while and the bubbles start forming inside.

  1. Trusting a tinting company that isn’t specialized in house window tinting

Most people think that any tinting company can tint residential windows however it isn’t true. Companies that are not specialized in residential window tinting cannot provide you with the desired results.

  1. Investing in low-quality tint

Investing in the right products is vital to achieving the highest quality results. Your window tinting might not last long if you opt for poor-quality tint just to save some pennies. Also, it cannot provide protection from harmful UV rays thus the color of your furniture and interior will fade.

  1. Not able to get the right quote from the company

When choosing house window tint installers, make sure to get the right price quote. Some installers offer per window price while some offer prices for several windows. In such a situation, miscommunication may cost you a lot so make sure to clear all your doubts by sharing them with the installers.

  1. Not examining the terms of the warranty

When hiring house window tint installers, ensure that they provide a warranty. Don’t forget to carefully read the terms of the warranty. Also, you have to determine whether the company has a solid history of honoring the window film warranties.

Bottom line

If you are planning to get your windows tinted, make sure to avoid the above mistakes in order to make get the best results. It will allow you and your family to enjoy privacy along with protection from UV rays for a really long time. 

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