How Clear Tint Improves the Energy Efficiency and Safety of Your House?

February 20, 2019

Clear tints are valuable additions to your home that serve many practical purposes. Made with ultra-fine single nanoparticles of antimony tin oxide, these types of tints can minimise your utility expenses and add comfort to your daily living.

One of the main benefits of clear tint is that it can improve the energy efficiency in your home. Do you have large windows, glass doors, and glass walls? Such architectural features can provide your living space with an abundant supply of natural light so that you no longer have to use as much artificial lighting. However, they also allow the heat of the sun to come in and make your interior space hotter—especially in the hot summer months of the Philippines.

This is why it’s important to install clear tints that block heat. High-quality clear tints make the sunny seasons more tolerable with their heat-rejection features. Did you know that the best ones can keep up to 99% of heat from entering your home while maintaining light transmission? Reduced heat translates to lesser use of cooling appliances. And because the light still comes in, you still get all the natural light you want without worrying about rising temperatures.

It’s no secret that tinting your home can involve a significant investment, but don’t worry. Over the long run, clear tints pay for themselves in terms of energy savings. In addition, your home can further benefit with the extra level of defence that clear tints provide against home intruders. Some of these films incorporate nanotechnology to make your glass windows, doors, and walls virtually impenetrable. Request a free quote from the top providers of residential and commercial safety films in the country. They can give you recommendations based on your requirements as well as your budget.

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