3 Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint Film for Your Office, Home and Vehicle

February 27, 2020

Many homeowners, office owners, and car owners go for window tinting and enjoy amazing benefits. BF ceramic tint is a non-conducting on-metal tinting film. This tinted film is imbued with ceramic-based nanoparticles. Thus, this window tint gives a clear view, allowing greater visibility during the night and day. It is very durable and tough. Installing these tints make sunny, hot days more bearable and comfortable. Here are the top three benefits of a ceramic window tint film for your home, office and car.

Protection from Glare and Harmful Ultra Violet Rays

Many people prefer installing ceramic window tint film on the windows of their homes, offices, and car as it blocks 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays are considered very harmful and constant exposure to these rays can result in various skin diseases. It also degrades and fades interiors and expensive upholstery. This solar damage can be avoided by having window tints. It also reduces glare by 5-50 percent making it comfortable for the driver to drive the car. Window tint also helps in keeping interior temperatures under check. It reduces heat filtering inside making the space comfortable and bearable even when experiencing high temperatures.


Window tinting also provides a measure of privacy. When installed in home and office windows, it deters intruders from looking inside and infringe your privacy. This tint is made with an advanced durable material that is reflective on the outside and see-through from the inside. The darker shade of the window tint does not have any impact on the visibility and passengers and drivers can have a clear view outside.

Signal Stability

This window tint does not hamper GPS, cellular service, terrestrial and satellite radio signals, which happen in the case of metallic tinting versions.

All these benefits make it prudent to use window tinting in home, office, and car windows.

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