Advantages Related to Using V-Kool Tints for Your Car in Philippines

October 27, 2016

V-Kool is completely different from the traditional dark films that were previously installed on cars. Its spectral technology has revolutionized the industry of window tinting. It is the first intelligent film that has the ability to differentiate between wavelengths in the solar spectrum.

Its revolutionary technology involves a complex manufacturing process in which multiple stacks of heat reflecting materials are embedded to create the final product. It is a super clear substrate that is embedded with gold, silver and indium oxide. This allows V-Kool to function superbly and to have exceptional heat rejection qualities without appearing reflective or dark. The basis of its high performance is the wavelength selective technologies.

Traditional window films are dyed and ceramic polished, and that is why they absorb some amount of heat instead of rejecting it completely. Though they are able to reject a considerable amount of heat, the sunlight makes the glass hot. However, V-Kool films have infra-red heat rejection capabilities that keep both the glass and interior of your vehicle at an even temperature. Heat absorbing films create intensive heat build-up in the vehicle and thermal stress on the glass as well. This can lead to breakage or cracking of the glass in harsh weather conditions. All these risks are avoided when you opt for V-Kool.

V-Kool tints were originally designed for defense systems and aircrafts so that they can deflect radar waves, but this technology has now found a more practical everyday application with tints for cars. V-Kool tints come in various texture types from metallic to matte. You can install one according to the design and color of your vehicle or depending on personal preferences. However, when it comes to the shade of V-Kool tints, there is only one option that is available – clear – but this has nothing to do with its ability to reject heat and UV rays. V-Kool tints generally come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, which means you have to just install them and forget the worries of excess heat.

V-Kool tints are also slightly costlier than the standard tints, but its quality and durability comfortably compensates for this concern. It is one of the few car accessories that users do not have to worry about, thanks to the superb technology and high-quality materials that go into its manufacturing.

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