Residential Window Film an Invisible Barrier Among You & UV.

May 1, 2018


Protecting ourselves from the sunburns caused by the harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays is very essential. However, we ignore the fact the UV rays that are damaging our skin in the exteriors are also harming us in the interiors of our homes. This happens due to the unprotected windows, which are installed in your residence as they allows the UV rays come into the home without any filters. This poses a grave risk to every family member in your home.

 Ultraviolet Rays:

Electromagnetic radiation from the sun is known as Ultraviolet Rays and they are considered too harmful for the human skins. There are two types of UV radiation

  • UVA: The main cause of skin wrinkles and other photo-aging effects.
  • UVB: is associated with sunburn

Exposure to the UV rays can lead to the sunburn, eye damage, untimely aging of the skin. Some studies have connected UV light with cancer. It also affects your merchandise as it contributes to fading colours and irreparable damage to your home furnishing

Residential Window Film:

Residential window film provides you and your home the required cost-effective protection from the damaging UV radiation. Most films, used in tinting, are made of polyester which laminates your window glass either from inside or outside. And, it blocks the radiation by 99% without compromising on the light. The tinting helps in keeping your stuff safe and at the same time make the interior of the house much cooler in temperature.

So, here are the three ways that a residential window film or tint can help protect against the UV rays without any side effects.

Blocking solar heat: The Window tint will block about 71% of the solar heat and allows the temperature inside your house to cool down. This can also help in cutting down your cooling costs.

Rejecting UV Radiation: All the harmful UV rays coming from the sun are rejected by a good quality window tint.  In comparison with normal glass, the window tinted glass blocks around 99% of the radiation and protect the member of the house

Prevents fading: Residential window film prevents the fading of the different merchandise in your home. As with normal glass windows the furniture fades, carpets lose their colour and the wooden floorings start to dry and bleach all because of the sun damage.

So, the residential window tinting certainly helps you in protecting your home and its members from the damaging sunlight and keeps your home cool without any risk of fading furnishing.

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