Try the New Significant Black Chrome Series of Window Tint by 3M

July 23, 2019

3M tints in the Philippines is one of the prominent and respected brands of window car films. They offer complete solutions for car window tinting, promising safety, security, energy efficiency, and aesthetic quality. Their black chrome series has been well-received by consumers or car owners, gaining plenty of positive feedback everywhere.

Still considering using 3M tints in the Philippines? Perhaps, these features and benefits of the black chrome series will convince you.

1. Give your car a cool makeover

The black chrome series by 3M tints in the Philippines will instantly make your vehicle look sleek and elegant. The tints are made of all-metal technology which makes them appear luxurious. These dark tints suit most cars regardless of size, model, and colour.

2. Increase protection from the sun

Like other types of 3M tints, the black chrome series is also engineered to reject up to 99% of UV rays, thus keeping your car interior safe and protected from the harmful effects of the sun. The chrome series also offers glare protection so that you can drive more safely on the road.

3. Block solar energy to reduce heat

Moreover, window tints also have excellent solar energy rejection properties. They block and minimise 72% of heat from the sun that seeps through the window so you can keep feeling cool. They can maintain the interior temperature even by removing hot spots, too.

4. Improve security and privacy

The 3M black chrome series increases the level of your privacy by providing darker shades than usual. They also improve your car’s security not only by obscuring the view from the outside but also by making the windows more durable. The dark colour of the tint and the unbreakable glass window deter thieves, discouraging them from breaking into your vehicle.

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