Types and Benefits of Security Window Films

November 5, 2021

Protecting residential or commercial establishments is one of the top priorities of every property owner. They need to take all steps to keep everyone and everything safe and secure by all means. But when it comes to securing a building, glass windows are seen as a weak point, and you need to find a solution for this too. It is where security window films can be your choice to make the glass of your window a bit more protection against possible threats.

Security window films are a great element to make glass windows harder to penetrate, and that’s a huge advantage of adding them as a protective layer on your window. They make glass windows more secure and less prone to breakages during break-ins, accidents, vandalism, blasts, and natural disasters like storms and seismic tremors. They provide more variety as a great alternative to tempered glass and laminated glass.

Security window films are applied to existing window glass to instantly strengthen them. These films make your window glass more resistant to breakage. Security films are approximately twice as thick as the standard thickness of window film which makes your glass window harder to break. They enhance the glass security and hold the glass together in extreme situations.

Security Window films are basically classified into three categories:

Clear Safety and Security Film

They are designed to serve the basic purpose of adding a protective layer through physical strength. Clear security window films are virtually invisible and can deter a variety of threats. They are an ideal choice:

  • For display glass windows, doors, and other
  • To prevent burglary and break-ins

Solar Safety and Security Film

These security window films also combine safety and security features for solar control. They are designed to provide multiple types of protection by adding a safety layer over your existing glass. They are an ideal choice:

  • To provide tinted protection against break-ins and burglary
  • To control and prevent UV rays, heat, and glare

Anti-Graffiti Film

They are sacrificial films and provide resistive features to chemicals, spray paint, and scratching. They come with specially formulated adhesives that you can easily remove and replace as per your requirements. Anti-graffiti films are also virtually invisible and an ideal choice for:

  • Vandalism protection
  • High-traffic wear and tear
  • Other surfaces than window glass

Benefits of Security Window Films

  • Your window glass becomes harder to break to provide more defense value against break-in.
  • They are hard enough to break and hence keep your window glass together
  • They minimize damage due to high-intensity incidents
  • They provide safety against storms and other natural disasters
  • They add a layer for UV protection

Security window films could be a great addition to your building as they enhance the protective power of your glass windows. You can get them in many styles, thicknesses, sizes, and protective layers as per your specific requirements. Always look for professionals to install security films on your glass window for the best results.

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