Top 3 Commercial Windows Films and Essential Buyers Tips

November 25, 2018

There are varying types of commercial window tint films. If you don’t know which ones the best options for your building or office, then reading this will help you on deciding which one is the best for you :

  1. Solar window films

    This type of commercial window film is designed to block the ultraviolet light that comes from the sun. It minimizes the heat and sun rays that penetrate through the glass windows, making the indoors feel cooler and more comfortable. Aside from this, solar window films also protect your employees and your office equipment from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. All types of window films can minimize heat, but solar window films, in particular, have the highest level of heat rejection properties because they are specially designed for such a purpose.

  1. Security and Safety films

    These commercial window tint films are either dark tinted or clear. Shaded security window films are the perfect choice for those who want to increase the level of privacy in their offices by obstructing the view from outside. Clear safety window films, on the other hand, are mostly for malls, shops, and restaurants that need to display their products and beautiful interiors to attract customers while blocking UV light.

  1. Decorative window films

    As the name implies, these window films are intended to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office. Sometimes called specialty films, decorative window films come in a wide variety of styles. Some have graphic patterns, realistic textures, and modern gradients. Decorative window films can subtly disguise or hide scratches and cracks in your glass windows so that you don’t have to repair or replace them.

Regardless of the types of commercial window tint films you require, it’s important to purchase it from an experienced company. opt for a supplier that specialises in manufacturing window films and can recommend the best type of window film for your property. Lastly, choose a store that also offers installation services.

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