October 17, 2017

Most people don’t realize the sheer risk levels of using glass panes in windows. Glass is extremely prone to breakage and when that happens, it shatters into hundreds of small, sharp, and lethally dangerous pieces that can pierce the skin of anyone standing nearby at the inopportune moment. Safety films are the most affordable and effective means for improving the structural integrity of glass surfaces. These films work as an additional protective layer on the glass that prevents it from shattering in case of an impact. If this solution sounds appealing to you, here are 3 tried and tested tips for buying safety films that will ensure you will get the right product for your needs:


The reason why you are choosing to install safety films on your windows will dictate the kind of product thickness that you should be going for. Thinner safety films are for installation in cases where the biggest danger you are facing is accidental glass breakage. In case, your requirements center around preventing break-ins and forced entry, you will have to choose the thicker, higher ply window film for adequate protection and performance.


The utility you will derive from your safety film will also be guided by the kind of windows that are installed in your home. These films need to be anchored in place with their edges secured on the glass surface to prevent it from pulling out on the corners. So when you choose to buy safety films, select a company that will help you assess and improve your window structure so as to help extract the best performance from this newly installed protective covering.


The next and most important factor to look for when buying safety films is the kind of warranty cover you will be getting with your product. Safety films are a relatively expensive product and it is important that you get adequate protection over this investment. Look for warranties that cover peeling, cracking, and discoloration of the film along with complete delamination.

Just look for the above-mentioned pointers and select the best quality safety films for installation in your building or car.

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