Is Your Home Interior Getting Ruined Due to Fading? You Need to Read This!

February 1, 2022

Window Films In The Philippines

As sunlight passes through our windows and brightens our home, it makes us feel refreshed and fills us with positivity. But did you know that unfiltered sunlight also causes damage to your expensive furniture, floors, and upholstery? As time passes, the culminating effects of sunlight start stacking up rapidly and you have to either live with faded and weakened flooring, furniture, and upholstery or spend a significant amount of money on their replacements every few years.

Today, we will talk about why you need to be wary of sunlight passing through your window panes and how you can solve the problem of early fading and discoloration of your home interior.

How does sunlight cause fading of home interiors?

The sunlight, also called solar radiation, mainly consists of three components:

  • Visible light that you can see
  • Infrared rays that you can feel in the form of heat
  • Ultraviolet rays that you can neither see nor feel but can experience its harmful side-effects

Among all, ultraviolet rays are the most harmful part of sunlight. They are not only harmful to your skin but also make up 40 percent of what causes fading in the furniture and furnishings of your home.

When UV rays fall on furnishings, flooring, or furniture, a chemical process occurs during which UV rays transform water molecules (present in the form of moisture) into hydrogen peroxide that has bleaching effects. As time passes, the continuous exposure of sunlight to your hardwood flooring, furniture, and furnishing results in fading and discoloration.

Infrared rays are the radiation that causes the heating effect which can be both beneficial and harmful depending on the situation and the weather. The warmth that infrared rays produce is responsible for 25 percent of fading. When the heat is absorbed by materials, it causes temperature changes that in turn lead to dryness, warping, and deterioration in the original quality of materials.

In fact, not only UV and infrared rays are harmful but the entire spectrum, including visible light, plays a part in the fading and discoloration process.

Now, the question arises:

How can I protect my home interior from the harmful effects of sunlight?

The answer is specialized window films. In the Philippines, you can find a wide range of window films that are designed using advanced technology to protect you from the harmful impact of sunlight.

Some of the window films in the Philippines that you can benefit from are:

  • Nano-ceramic clear films – protect you from sunlight and also look clear and shiny unlike other films
  • High-performance window films – come in dark and neutral shades, reject up to 99 percent of UV rays, and offer protection against heat and glare
  • Intermediate films – offer above-average solar performance and 80 percent heat rejection and come in varying tones ranging from warm to classic grey hues

While using window films won’t offer 100 percent protection from interior fading and discoloration because there are also factors other than sunlight that contribute to fading, the speed at which fading occurs will be dramatically reduced. So, if you want to protect your expensive hardwood flooring, artifacts, paintings, curtains, fabrics, and furniture from the fast-fading process, installing window films is the most viable, affordable, and practical solution to do so.

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