Types of Decorative Films You Can Find in the Market

September 27, 2022

Decorative films can make a huge difference to any glass. These are high in demand these days. Besides, they come with vast applications that include doors, walls, and both interior and exterior windows. You can also get them in several types such as frosted privacy films, textured films, architectural films, and more. We have mentioned some of the most common types of decorative films below. So make sure to read till the end to learn about them.

Frosted Film

These are perfect for windows, glass walls, and doors. They add a layer of privacy while allowing natural light to enter the space. You can get them in several styles and designs. They can be fully or partially concealed as well as integrated with different patterns, custom designs, and gradients. Although they are often used to increase the privacy of the space, they can complement the beauty of the architecture and interior design.

Textured and gradient film

Gradient and textured films are visually appealing and they are a practical combination of gradual transition and minimalist style. These films emphasize the attractive qualities of space and the features that need to be distinguished. With gradient window film, you can choose from a wide variety of geometric and organic patterns. Furthermore, you can orient gradient capacity from different angles, depending on the preference.

Architectural film

These are the glass films used for décor and functionality or both. These films typically provide UV protection while saving energy. Furthermore, you get added aesthetics and design possibilities. You can often find architectural films in the offices however they can also fuse life into the interior as well as the exterior of your home. These films create stunning interior environments along with creative exterior environments.

Perforated vinyl film

Ideally perfect for commercial applications, these films offer countless possibilities. From transforming glass doors to windows, they are perfect to add alluring aesthetics for short as well as long-term needs. These films allow a one-way view from the interiors and they are truly decorative that’s why they are preferred for branding and marketing.

Patterned film

Patterned decorative films come with the most refreshing vibe. They are known to add style and originality to a space. These films are not limited to commercial space. The sophisticated style of pattern film adds both privacy and charm to a space. You can choose the level of coverage, transparency, matte areas, and surface finish, depending on the mood of the space.

Specialty film

This type of film is a collection of unique films that render different colors, moods, and perspectives. These distinctive films can be used to customize interior as well as exterior glass to create the desired style. You can add color to glass with these films and it will illuminate when the light passes through.

All in all

Decorative films not only provide privacy to your space but also add aesthetics. You can choose decorative window films from a range of types. Furthermore, these films can be customized to meet your needs. Feel free to contact the experts for assistance and a free estimate right away.

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