Commercial Window Tinting: Increases Comfort and Saves Money

October 3, 2016

Commercial window tinting is installed on commercial buildings and residential housing apartments and projects. Commercial window tinting offers good looks and also saves your money. High-quality window tinting can reduce up to 80% of the solar heat effect and reflect almost 100% of UV radiation. It also greatly reduces the amount of glare caused by sunlight. Window tinting maintains your privacy during the day and can reduce your electricity consumption by lowering the temperature by up to 15%.

Some important benefits of the commercial window tinting are explained here.

  • Save Money: No matter the size of the building, a balanced climate can cut your HVAC and operating costs significantly. You can immediately see your utility bills going down by using window tinting as it greatly reduces the effect of the sunlight and balances the temperature.
  • Comfortable work environment: Any working environment can be affected adversely by direct and reflected sunlight. It can cause glare, hotspots, heat build-up, and result in rapidly fluctuating temperatures. In such conditions, commercial window tinting counters the ill effects efficiently keeping employees, clients, and guests comfortable. It can greatly reduce the effect of UV rays, heat, and glare so that the working environment remains comfortable for everyone.
  • Interior Protection: Harsh sunlight can cause damage to expensive flooring, artifacts, and equipment. It can cause fading of merchandise, furniture, and draperies. Using window films as a protective cover from sunlight can save you from the problem. It will not only save your money but also give you peace of mind that your valuables are always protected.
  • Beauty: Windows and glasses are the most vulnerable parts of your building. Commercial window films also protect the glass from scratches and micro-damage caused by dirt, and outside debris. The films beautify the building as well. It improves the overall look of your building while ensuring its safety.
  • Privacy and Safety: Commercial window films also come in a thick protective variant that not only protects the glass but also ensures the safety of your building. This type of window film can hold the glass even if it is shattered. In working hours it can protect employees from sharp glass pieces in case of an accident and apart from that it safeguards your building from mishaps and thefts.
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