Energy Saving Benefits From 3m Tint In The Philippines For Your Windows

August 2, 2019

3M Philippines is a popular brand that is credited for some of the coolest window films for cars, home, and commercial applications. They have various types of tints that will surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle and your properties. But more than this, did you know that 3M tints can also help increase their energy efficiency? Here’s exactly how 3M Philippines can lower your energy bills and fuel usage.

For your home and business

Windows are some of the most important features in a house or a building because they allow natural light as well as fresh air to enter the home. They also provide views of the outdoors. However, windows can actually cause excessive energy wastage. That’s why many homeowners choose to install residential and commercial 3M tints Philippines that are efficient in reducing energy consumption. They are effective in blocking heat so that you won’t have to turn your air conditioning to its maximum level. While blocking heat, 3M tints also allow some natural light to still enter so you can minimise the use of your indoor lighting during the day.

For cars

3M tints have excellent heat rejection properties, which is the reason why your car’s interior will feel cooler even under the scorching heat of the sun. Unlike other car tints, they do not absorb heat seeping through your windows—instead, they completely reject solar energy to prevent heat build-up. This way, hot spots are eliminated and your windows won’t easily crack due to inconsistent temperature.

Since your car is cooler, your A/C system won’t have to draw too much power from the engine. Consequently, the engine won’t have to consume too much fuel just to keep the A/C system working. Thus, you can save money on fuel. Keep in mind that the use of car air conditioners can increase fuel consumption by 8-10%. This goes higher during the summer when temperatures are high.

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