Car Window Tinting – Why We Should All Have It

August 22, 2016

It does not matter how strong your car AC is or if you drive with your windows closed. Without car window tinting, your air-conditioning system may not be able to cool your vehicle interior efficiently, and you could be trapping more UV light and heat inside. High-quality window films for vehicles can prevent up to 82 percent of solar rays from penetrating through your windows, and advanced window films (i.e. nano-ceramic car tints) can reject up to 99 percent of UV light. With high-quality window car tinting, you can minimize hot spots and the interior heat that tends to accumulate inside your vehicle, making your ride and your trip more comfortable while improving the efficiency of your vehicle’s air-conditioning. In fact, car window tinting may help reduce cooling costs and improve fuel efficiency, too.

Car window tinting can be the solution that can reduce the fading of your car interior. By preventing UV light from entering your vehicle through your windows, the tint can significantly reduce heat, which, along with UV rays, can cause the fading of leather seats and other interior components of your vehicle. And since UV rays and heat are being blocked, you get an extra layer of protection against sunburn, unwanted tanning, vision impairment, and skin cancer.

Glare can be dangerous when you are driving because it can blind you. If you do not like to wear sunglasses, you can consider tinting your car with a film that effectively reduces annoying glare. The same tint will protect your eyes and reduce your risk of getting cataracts and permanent vision damage.

Car window tinting may add a layer of security and privacy to your vehicle, too. Thick, protective safety car tint can prevent glass from shattering in case someone tries to break in, you get into an accident, or an object comes flying at your car. It may help deter robberies especially when thieves find it difficult to shatter the glass. The right car window tint may help aesthetically enhance your car exterior, too. Reputable providers or car window tinting in the Philippines carry a great selection of invisible films and darker-colored tints in various shades to help you achieve the look that you want.

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