A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Window Tint Film

February 8, 2023

Installing commercial window tint is the solution that increases the comfort of your employees as well as visitors. Apart from the most obvious advantages of window tinting, such as glare reduction, boosted security, and aesthetic visual appeal, installing commercial window tint film is a cost-effective and easy solution to make the property energy efficient. It can absorb solar heat and reject UV rays, resulting in reduced energy bills.

With window tinting, you can experience the regulated temperature throughout your office. You can transform your office into a secure workplace. If your business deals with expensive merchandise, privacy window tint can be the ideal option for you. It can prevent the shattering of the glass when a sudden force gets applied.

The types of window film

Window films can broadly be divided into three categories each type installed for a specific reason. The first type is solar window tint which is ideal for reducing utility bills and making sure that the property is energy efficient. You can find them in permanent and semi-permanent types and can absorb up to 99% of UV rays coming from the sun. They can regulate indoor temperature, reduce glare, remove cold spots, and prevent fading of upholstery.

The second type of window tint is privacy and security window film. These are the thickest and protect you against burglary, storm damage, and preying eyes.

The third type of window tint is decorative window tint. It has only the purpose of boosting the appearance of your property. Decorative window films are the thinnest and come in several colors, shapes, and sizes.

The most suitable window tint for your property

You can categorize the type of window glass as flat, heat-treated, or insulated. Each of them absorbs heat differently which means their thermal stress capacity ranges when exposed to heat. It is vital to consider that weather conditions may affect the thermal properties of your window glass during the installation of window tint.

Security and decorative window tinting barely reflect any heat, and with minimal thermal stress on the window glass, solar window films reflect almost 99% of UV rays. Solar films come with a high heat absorption rate which increases window glass thermal stress, resulting in window damage.

How long do window films last?

You can choose types of window films that are temporary which means that is easy to remove and reposition. These are extremely decorative films. Other semi-permanent films are removable while leaving some residue due to the adhesive.

You can also find permanent window tints in the market which aren’t removable at all. Security and solar films are the most typical examples of semi-permanent or permanent films. Temporary films can be an ideal option for tenants that may not plan to stay in the property for a very long time.

Bottom line

Apart from choosing the right type of commercial window tint film, you need to choose the right window film installation service provider. Window tinting can be cost-effective to improve safety and enhance the curb appeal of your property.

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