What Qualities Makes a Window Tint Film Versatile & Effective for Commercial Purposes

March 1, 2019

Installing safety films or glass tints in the windows and doors of commercial properties is beneficial. For one, they make buildings energy efficient by blocking or rejecting heat from the sun. Stores, commercial establishments, and offices that use glass tints in the Philippines save a lot on their electricity consumption. Safety films also increase the security of commercial places. They can obscure the views of people from the outside and keep important company possessions away from the prying eyes.

Interested in window tint films for your commercial property? These are the qualities and characteristics you should be looking for.

Impact resistance

The best safety films have high resistance against impact to provide the highest level of protection to commercial spaces. Aside from this, these films also prevent glass to easily break during forced entry events, earthquakes, and other types of calamities.

UV ray rejection

The sun’s UV rays are extremely damaging not only to skin but also to your business’ furniture and flooring. They can cause furnishings to fade fast due to constant exposure. When choosing window tints for commercial applications, the percentage of UV rays’ rejection should be one of the characteristics to look into.

Heat rejection

The best window films can reject 82% or higher of solar energy or heat. These films minimize the heat entering or escaping from the glass windows, creating a more comfortable workplace for everyone. The films also help cooling systems in decreasing the heat inside offices and commercial spaces especially during the summer season.

Aesthetic appeal

The visibility or colour of your safety films will highly depend on the kind of business you have. For example, if you own a restaurant or a storefront with a window display, clear safety films are what you need so that people passing by your business will be able to see the interior and the products you’re selling. If you lease office space, then you might need dark tinting for the employees to work in privacy. A good supplier can recommend the most suitable options regardless of the type of films your business requires.

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