It is time to switch to PDLC film

December 28, 2022

Looking for something advanced and modern for your windows? Opt for PDLC film! Polymer Liquid Crystals are also known as PDLC which is a three-dimensional structure created with liquid crystals micro drops dispersed in a polymer matrix. PDLC films are great for light control as they can be switched between opaque and transparent states. The PDLC switchable privacy glass can be used in several ways.

They are authentic and clean

  • They offer a pleasing appearance from the inside as well as outside along with privacy on demand.
  • With PDLC film, you get security as well as architectural integrity.
  • It can be projectable which means you can use it as a whiteboard.

They offer security and safety

  • These PDLC films should meet the safety glass requirements.
  • They can be made into an impact-resistant glass (bulletproof, hurricane rated, etc.).
  • You don’t need to have shutters and drapes.
  • It blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays.

Why PDLC films are used


You can achieve the desired privacy whenever you want with just a click. Glass windows with PDLC film can be used to transform the functionality as well as the appearance of places such as conference rooms, private rooms in restaurants, patient rooms in hospitals, consultant rooms in hospitals, bank, and financial service offices, etc. Moreover, you can use them for homes with street views or having close neighboring homes.

Safety and security

PDLC films offer switchable glass that is similar to safety glass in terms of construction as well as functionality. When properly applied, glass panes laminated with PDLC films meet the safety glass standards and thus can be used as security and hurricane resistance window applications.

Temperature control

PDLC film can reduce the transmission of infrared radiation when required. You can switch it to a translucent state when the sun’s heat is at its peak. With that, you can enjoy a much cooler temperature inside. Moreover, your air-conditioning system will need to work less hard which results in lower energy bills.


Glass with PDLC films can perfectly be used as a whiteboard which maximizes the utility of a conference room, consultation room, or classroom. You can also use it as a projection screen for videos, slideshows, and any other kind of projected images.

To sum up

PDLC films make glass switchable to opaque and transparent which means you can enjoy privacy whenever you want as well as openness at the same time. It can be a smart choice for commercial spaces. However, you can use them for several other purposes. With that, you can get a space that is both private and open simultaneously.

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