One Way

Nano-Tech One Way line comes in different colors and darkness. These One Way reflective films reflects up to 94% of the heat and up to 83% of glare making your home or office cooler in the summer and reducing the shine on computer screens and TV’s. The film also rejects up to 99% of harmful UV rays so it doesn’t fade or bleach, offering excellent protection for your carpets, artwork and furnishings.


One Way Noir 7% 94% 69% 99%
One Way Black 10% 92% 67% 99%
One Way Green 10% 72% 58% 99%
One Way Blue 10% 72% 58% 99%
One Way Bronze 10% 72% 58% 99%


Special Note on One Way Films: If installed under the correct lighting conditions this film acts as a one way window film. It needs a 3:1 light ratio or better to create the true one way privacy, (this means it needs to be three times brighter in the area you want to see into than it is in the area you don’t want people to see into). It tints the glass when looking out so it lowers the lighting conditions; a bit like wearing sunglasses. The appearance is similar to a silver mirror from the outside so you’ll just see your own reflection. However, because it needs a 3:1 light ratio it doesn’t usually work well on internal partitioning or at night time. Nano-Tech One Way Noir is recommended if privacy during day and night time is required.


  • High Heat Rejection capacity lowers air-conditioning costs and reduces carbon footprint that harms the environment
  • Protects furniture by blocking harmful UV rays which is the primary cause of fading
  • Its reflective colors adds life to any building and adds aesthetics to rather dull windows
  • Reflectivity is optimal, guaranteed to enhance privacy
  • High glare-blocking capacity, reducing discomfort to the eyes
  • Backed by Nano-Tech’s Comprehensive 5 year Warranty Program
  • Helps prevent glass from shattering in case of accidents
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