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    PDLC Smart Glass and Films

    Put on a pedestal of privacy and security in your office and home with Smart Magic Film and Smart Magic Glass from L.A. Window Films Philippines. Popularly termed as the Smart Film and Smart Glass, this is adjustable technology that empowers your windows, doors, partitions and walls to transform instantly from transparent to opaque and vice versa.

    Magic Film and Glass Technology

    These are high-tech products that work on the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology. A technique that operates using electricity – the glass turns transparent when the power is on; while when the power is off, the glass turns opaque.

    One Glass – One Film – Multiple Roles

    Our Magic Glass and Film act as your one-stop solution – interchangeable using a remote control switch. You can instantly convert a transparent glass wall to a private zone with opaque glasses or a projection screen as in a meeting room.


    • Instant flexibility
      Partition a space and convert it into a public or private zone, as required.
    • Enhanced privacy
      Home or office, your confidential meetings and private space is never compromised with.
    • Enhanced security
      Made with advanced laminated technology, it is difficult to break through or cause injury with our Magic Glass acting as complete protective armour. Even in case of a fire, the smart glass, tolerates the heat for ample time, thereby allowing search and rescue.
    • Energy efficient
      Our Magic Glass and Films can block 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, saving your skin as well as keeping the indoors cooler.
    • Absolute sound insulation
      A hero product, no amount of noise outside can disturb your concentration or resting time inside your office or home.
    • Fast conversion into a projector screen for store fronts and other advertising uses.
      Our Magic glass and films can be turned into the transparent mode fast to convert an entire wall into a screen. Great for home theatre rooms, meeting rooms and conference halls!


    A. Residential
    • Convert your study, living room or bedroom into an office space
    • Seamless solution for a home theatre
    • Replace curtains with our smart technical Magic Glass or Films
    • Smart films for car windows save from UV rays
    B. Commercial
    • Functional for offices, hotels, clubs, and villas for efficient luxurious space and partitioning of room and bathroom
    • Hospital curtains can be replaced with Magic Glass and Films for better security, privacy, and noiseless zones
    • Perfect solution at the teller’s and the bank counter window
    • Great for use in malls, airports, railways and government offices
    • Efficient solution for partitioning the office environment by converting any space into a meeting room in seconds.
    • Viable use in museums for protecting ancient artifacts and relics

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    L.A. Window Films CEBU
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