charcoalLogo1-150x80Nano-Tech’s top performance automotive film, is a breakthrough in conventional window-tint with 3 shade variants to select from. Manufactured using ultra-fine single-nano-particles of antimony tin oxide (ATO), Charcoal Series is thus equipped with the highest optical clarity offering dark sleek appearance but maintaining the clarity from the interior cabin. Charcoal series offers one of the best levels of solar protection exceeding 90% Infra-Red and 99% Ultra-Violet rejection.


Film Type Visible Light Transmission Infrered (Heat) Rejection Solar Energy Rejected Solar Heat Gain Co-eFficient UV Rejected
Darkview Black 10% 94% 71% 0.24 99%
Darkview Medium 15% 88% 65% 0.29 99%
Darkview Neutral 32% 84% 60% 0.36 99%


  • Metallized Construction – provides exceptional heat rejection and long-lasting performance
  • Sophisticated Look – offers solar protection with a sleek appearance
  • Blocks 99% of Harmful UV Rays – reduces interior fading and protects your skin & eyes
  • CST™ Scratch Resistant Hardcoat – better durability, protection and clarity
  • Backed by Nano-Tech’s Comprehensive 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty